The Art of Wellness Care - Well Adjusted Chiropractic, PLLC
Hello and welcome to Well Adjusted Chiropractic, PLLC, where we seek to see you well— Physically, Socially, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually.
Here at Well Adjusted Chiropractic, we take your health very seriously. With that being the case, we offer various services to restore, improve, or complement your health. We provide patient-centered care, rehabilitation, and education to the following markets:
  • Chronic and Acute Neuromusculoskeletal Pain Sufferers
  • The Fitness Community
  • Patients Suffering From Sports Injuries
  • Wellness Seekers
We offer nutritional goods, therapeutic products and treatments to further promote health and wellness.
Our Mission:
To identify and to remove neuromuscular and or musculoskeletal interference, while promoting and maintaining optimum health via the healing art of chiropractic, nutrition, therapeutic modalities, massage, and fitness. The goal is to produce well-adjusted clients that are physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally balanced through the use of chiropractic care and wellness-promoting techniques. We accomplish this by identifying and addressing the phases of care for each client. The phases are:
Phase 1- Relief Care
Phase 2- Corrective/ Restorative Care
Phase 3- Wellness Care
Our Objectives:
  1. To exceed the patient’s expectations.
  2. To build a strong repeat and referral client base.
  3. To provide regular seminars on health education and wellness.
  4. To offer quality care in a relaxed atmosphere.
Take a tour of our web site, and stop by our office to receive total health and wellness.
Ask about our Computerized Symptom Survey and begin the path to healthier living.
We accept Personal Injury (Auto Accident) cases and most Major Insurance plans.
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